Men often have sex on coercion


Do men constantly think about sex?

It’s a common idea, that only women have sex under duress. They say weak sex has to surrender to pressure and wishes of men. But it turns out to be that men also have sex without their will quite often. Who or what does them make to do what they don’t want to?

Turns out to be that in many cases reasons that make men have unwilling sex are hidden inside. More often it’s wish not to fall in woman’s eyes and to prove reputation of a good lover.

Actually this fact  was revealed during the research in New York University, which involved nearly half of a thousand young men. Professional psychologies spoke to them and also they had to fill questionnaires.

A vast majority of men confessed that they are sure that the society wants them to be sexually active.

They heard and read many times that men think about sex almost every second. And despite the fact that the respondents were not fixated on sex, they considered themselves obligated to meet social thoughts about men. They had to sleep with girls whom they didn’t consider sexually attractive only for proving that they are not impotent or bad lovers.

They had to have sex when they didn’t want it. Of course, such contacts didn’t give any pleasure. In fact, it’s not good if a man refuses sex, especially it was initiated by a woman. And the same time it’s all right if a woman says no. Although such gender unequality is not good for men they prefer trying to comply with the role of a macho instead of defending their rights.

Not today, dear. I have a headache

Turns out to be that some men have a serious reason not to want sex. According to medics, nearly one percent of men have this trouble: sex can initiate a strong headache, that appears just before a climax and can last from several hours to several days.

Happily most of male population don’t have this illness. Official medicine didn’t find the reasons of this strange pathology, which doesn’t happen every time.

From this article both women and men should make following conclusions:

  • Men can think that they must not follow the stereotypes. And they have right to refuse sex.
  • Women can be more attentive to partner’s condition and shouldn’t think that they can get sex at first demand.
  • Everybody can have a headache and it should be understandable.

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