Not today: 5 ways to refuse sex without hurting your man


Speaking about sex dating, a man is a person with a gentle soul, so it doesn’t take much to hurt his feelings. Especially when we talk about intimacy.

Refusal to have sex is often percepted as a personal insult. In this article we’ll tell you how to avoid a crucial strike for his pride if your mood is not playful at all.

When we talk about sex refusal we always get an image of a woman somehow. Really there is a stereotype that women need less sex than men. It didn’t get any scientific proof but we can say surely that women are more selective and sensitive to their needs.

You know it by yourself – there can be no mood for sex and the spirit can be spoiled by some trifle like a broken nail. Experts and psychologists from center of family and sexual education “Secrets” will tell you how to say no to your man.

Offer a change

This variant is possible if you want some sexual activity, but don’t want to have a classical sex intercourse.

There are many reasons for it, for example, menstruation or lack of wish to have physical activity. No need to explain them. But you can offer something instead. For example oral sex or a handjob. It won’t hurt your man because all his needs will be satisfied. If you don’t want any sex don’t go for compromise, neglecting your own feelings due to your man. It is no good for you.

Postpone it till tomorrow

Not the refusal itself but the thought that it can take place one more time in future matters for a man. It’s important to explain your partner that you don’t want to have sex only now but tomorrow or in several hours everything will be ok again.

A postpone for a man is a thing that can make him feel relief. And phrase “I don’t want sex today only not always” will let him understand that the problem is not in him but in your present condition.

Motivate your refusal

It’s better to explain why you say no. Everything that is connected with sex  men associate with themselves and their genitals.

So hearing your no he can think that you don’t want him. It is this thought that damages his pride and self-estimate.

When you say no, explain the reason. In opposite way a man can overthink too much even more than any woman.

Don’t be rude

You don’t want to hurt your partner, don’t you? So don’t use rude words or laugh at him saying no. And refusing sex speaking about your partner’s disadvantages is the worst thing. Sure if you say that he has a little cock or that he is a bad lover you will succeed. But then you got a chance to lose your partner.

Don’t dodge

If you don’t want your man to get upset don’t make up reasons trying not to hurt him. Creating different excuses like PMS, headache, sudden problems means to palter. Women’s cunning always make men look for subtext. So it’s better not only to tell the truth but to explain there’s nothing behind the lack of wish to have sex. You didn’t stop loving him, didn’t find a lover, are not tired of relationship. Let him know that such moments are completely normal. Moreover such moments take place with men but women don’t faint about them.

What are reasons for not having sex? Actually really different: from simple lack of wish to have intimacy to exhaustion.

We also want to remind that one shouldn’t find reasons to refuse sexual activity. Understand and loving man will be satisfied with simple “I don’t want to have sex”. If your refuse doesn’t impact on the man and he continues molesting, accusing you in something or blackmailing, it’s time to think if you need such a partner.

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