Why men worry about size of penis


Looks like the matter of size woories men all the time they exist. Together with experts from family and sexual education center Secrets we’ll see why it happens.

Men have spirit of competition in their blood. They always want to be stronger, higher, richer and more successful. And to have a bigger penis as a main factor of attractiveness. Although in nature a female chooses a male due to his abilities and not his size of penis. For example how he can protect himself or make a good nest for future nestlings.

But men still are concerned about their parameters. Results of one research show that 30% of men are not satisfied with their size, 35% are satisfied with it and others don’t feel anything about it.

What can make a man worry about his size?

1. Girlfriends

There is a myth that men are less sensitive. Actually men can be vulnerable to words and actions and think much and worry.

So if after an argument you decided to give a clue that his penis is not long enough, you’d better stop. Men get such words really painfully, especially if they are not satisfied with it.

2. Porn movies

Porn industry gives birth to many complexes both of men and women. But one should understand that people in such movies

are actors after all, so they get careful selection. Porn movies create an ideal that can’t be reached.

Meanwhile average length of penis in Russia is 14cm. And according to researchers a penis longer then 16 cm has only one men form five. The contradiction is that California University made a research that showed that women say a good length is not more than 17 cm. And a really big penis can not satisfy every woman.

Average length of vagina is 8 cm. Of course while excited it can become longer, but the fact is: sex with a big penis can be really painful. Besides size is a very individual parameter, so there is no need to listen to social opinion in such matters. It’s better to listen to your own impressions, feelings and wishes.

In fact worries about penis size can lead to dysmorphic disorder especially if a man is sensitive and responsive. It can be described as feeling of hate towards your own body or a body part. This disorder can lead to paranoia and depression.

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