Wake up! 5 serious reasons to have sex in the morning


Still lazy to wake up early? What if we suggest you a good motivation to become a lark instead of an owl?

To find time for morning sex is not easy: we always want to sleep more and to postpone the moment when we should begin active actions. In the morning we can be busy by sending children to school or being late for the work. Nevertheless even if mission “to wake up 30 minutes earlier” is impossible, sexologists from the center of family and sex education “Secrets” will tell and prove why morning sex is great.

Diversify the routine

Sexologists confirm: to diversify sexual life in long relationship you don’t have to think much. Some partners just need to change the time of having sex. If you got used to have sex in the evening and it’s trivial, just try to have sex in mornings. And if you change the surrounding, for example, from bedroom you go to kitchen and bathroom, it will make sex unforgettable and raise the feeling of something fresh and it will provide dopamine. Due to it you’ll get the feeling as if you climbed Everest after sex.

Good mood for the whole day

This is the most simple and obvious reason why you should put sex in mornings in the list of great things. Really good sex in the morning can not only give a good mood but also make you more concentrated on work and more stress-resistant during the day. Morning sex is a good massage of interior organs and perfect training for both partners. Researches show

that morning sex helps to handle with migraine and ill feelings, as much endorphine is put in blood and it lets you feel good and calm the whole day.

It’s the peak of male sexual activity

Most of us if not everyone know about morning erection. This phenomenon is not usually connected with excitement but we understand the following: male sexual activity peak takes place in mornings. This time the quantity of testosterone reaches the highest point and it means that not only his arousal is strong but also is erection is stronger.

Talking about mismatch of male and female biological rhythms, such problem really exists. As we said above male peak of sexual activity takes place in mornings and female activity takes place nearer nights. No need to trust clocks but scientist tend to confirm that at 8 o’clock male and female biological rhythms coincide maximally. This time she starts

becoming excited and he still has his needs, so sexologists recommend to have sex in 8 o’clock in the morning.

If there’s possibility to synchronize your schedules to have pleasure this time, it will enrich your sexual life and make relationship stronger.

High sensibility for caress in the morning

In the morning body is more sensitive and receptive for caress. Also morning sex can help girls who have difficulties with relaxing for sex activity. Besides morning sex is a very intimate process for both partners. After sleep having not got day stress we are more vulnerable. If you share this moment with your partner you’ll get surprised how much tenderness and desire can take place in sex.

Morning sex can take place while taking shower

Mixing useful and pleasant is the simplest thing that can be done with morning sex. Many are worried by sweating and unfresh breath in mornings. This problems can become surmount on the way to morning pleasures. Just go to the bathroom together. There you’ll be able to brush your teeth and take a shower washing away your sleepiness and getting ready for physical activity.

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